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 The organization has a well-designed, comprehensive and coordinated Hospital infection prevention and control programme aimed at reducing/ eliminating risks to patients, visitors and providers of care.


To maintain standards in infection control measures and minimize hospital acquired infections in patients and employees. 

To define policy and procedure regarding healthcare associated infections in the hospital 

The general hospital Ernakulum has documented infection prevention and control programmes which aims at preventing and reducing risk of health care associated infections.

The infection prevention and control programme is a continuous process and updated in every year.

General Hospital have a multidisciplinary  Infection Control Committee  which coordinating all infection prevention and control activities

Members of The HIC 

1. Medical superintendent

2. Physician

3. RMO 

4. Microbiologist 

5. Nursing Superintendent

6. Infection Control Nurse 

7. Health inspector

8. CSSD Staff

9. Housekeeping Supervisor

The Committee is represented at the Hospital Risk Management and Safety Committee, where progress reports are made at each meeting.The infection control Committee meets once in a month and otherwise as necessary. Documentation of meetings and recommendations are kept by the Infection control nurse. The ICN (Infection Control Nurse) and Microbiologist / Physician conduct inspection rounds once a month. Registers are maintained by ICN. 

•      The hospital has an infection control team, which coordinates implementation of all infection prevention and control activities. The team is responsible for day-to-day functioning of infection control programme.The team supports surveillance process and detects outbreaks. The team participates in audit of infection control activities and actively conducted training to all staff.

•      Hospital has designated an infection control officer who is a clinical microbiologist. In the absence of clinical microbiologist Physician is designated as Infection Control Officer (ICO) in General Hospital.

•      The General Hospital has a designated Infection Control Nurse (ICN) based on training and experience.


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